This is actually one of my favourite painting so far, I just wanted to create something depicting how pretty, beautiful and incredibly attractive the African woman is.(oh and our legendary Afro hairstyle). Added some markings and made sure she wasn’t so obviously naked (sorry perverts, hehehe).






I have always been against racism, all races are beautiful. I made a split woman, African and Caucasian this time. Had to design colourful African prints on the Black lady’s dress and added warm summer colours on the white lady’s dress. I made the background too in a dual colourful manner, making a warm sunset on the right and night atmosphere on the left with some stars. Look deep in your heart, love and accept every race.



IMG_20161101_084151_544.jpgSadly, I have never seen a zebra in my life, such graceful creatures. It’s a waste of paint materials to colour human portraits or basic traditional animal art, I would rather create something colourful and inspirational with anything, I created a starry dark background and drew the zebra with white charcoal pencil and added bright colours to the zebra. I’m glad with the turnout.



After a while of self-teaching I actually summoned the bravery to make my very first original painting, always did had the concept way before I ever bought any acrylic paint material. For me, I really do not know what people’s excuse are not to follow their dreams head on, no matter what you do (eat healthy, be nice, avoid cigarettes and drugs) death is still quite inevitable. I read this awesome book authored by Tim Ferriss, fore titled “Tools of a Titan”. It taught me to care less about whatever is holding me back, to be on the offensive with my goals, dreams only become goals when you foresee a system that can actually make it into reality. If not, they are only dreams.  Where’s the fun in not taking risk only to arrive safely at death. I don’t want to go down that route (oh by the way, for you stingy, cruel rich people, the painting also depicts that no matter how wealthy you become, you still going to die). Cheer up, there is heaven. Continue reading “NIGHTMARE’S DREAM”



Been away a while now, apologies. Haven’t laid my hands on a pencil for quite a while until recently and I’m not a fan of posting content without relevant reasons. Of recently, after saving for months coupled with massive help from my dad, visited the kingdom of art being artworld, which is located in one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria, yes Ibadan! The store virtually has everything related to art (but for the love of God, I really don’t know why they don’t have any Prismacolor nor Faber-Castell colour pencils, huge sigh).
I know easels will and should be cheap in foreign countries but over here, good Lord, it’s quite expensive, so not ready to acquire such yet. Bought some paintbrushes, Beginner tube acrylics (Reeves), Palette, Palette knife and acrylic sketchpad. I tried searching for a paint tutor; their fees were outrageous, (for crying out loud, when it came to the art of drawing, I was self-taught).
Thanks to YouTube videos and eBooks, being studying and applying my knowledge almost daily, I still believe I’m one artwork from massive success, not of the academics stereotype like most people, school and education are not the same. Many are depressed studying or working whereby their hearts are somewhere else. This life is way too short to be mediocre and live the life of someone else, I refuse to be sad, and the key to happiness is in your hands. Art is my life. (Meanwhile you really have to check this link