I have never liked the idea of discrimination, it’s a really ugly stuff and it has been in existence since the beginning of time. No race is superior; every race is unique in its own way. I wanted to paint an African and a Caucasian but decided to make the boy a little more of a mixed blood. Male and female innocent children looking at the beautiful ocean, with possibilities oozing in the atmosphere and a bit of mother nature’s very own avian creature (being a duck) about to take a swim.




 I have always wanted to paint an animal but not in the traditional way (God knows how many lion paintings there is in Africa alone, talk less the world). I started by creating a dark and colourful background (Blue, Cadmium red, Titanium black and a little dark green). Then I drew the lion on the acrylic pad with a white charcoal pencil and painted it with bright colours for it to look warm and bright, sprinkled a little titanium white with a tooth-brush for a starry effect. Pretty cool yeah?







I have always been against racism, all races are beautiful. I made a split woman, African and Caucasian this time. Had to design colourful African prints on the Black lady’s dress and added warm summer colours on the white lady’s dress. I made the background too in a dual colourful manner, making a warm sunset on the right and night atmosphere on the left with some stars. Look deep in your heart, love and accept every race.