After I restocked some art materials. I got an art commission to paint something inspirational. The client had a family that consisted of a girl and two boys, so I decided to paint a simple, beautiful and playful family silhouette. With the sad end of my white acrylic paint, I chose to paint something that didn’t require white paint, I came up with an image of a pregnant woman consisting of fragments assembling and simultaneously disintegrating based on individual perspective.



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I decided to spice up my monochrome style of portrait art by colouring accessories and clothes of the reference images. Turned out that the clients loved it a lot. I used acrylic paint but based on the cost of acquiring the paint, I had to increase my fee. The unpainted image is a free portrait of my ex-manager at Ventura, Ibadan. I had placed my artworks there for a while before I took back custody due to certain issues with management. But no hard feelings, forging ahead and we are still best of friends.




There comes a time for every artist to flee from his or her comfort zone and explore other horizons. That’s what I did. Never in my wildest dreams did I thought I would engage in cake painting. Got a call from a baker friend, just had to help out. Fascinatingly, not many people know about edible paints. Even the owner of the cake kept asking if it was safe to eat the painted cake parts.



I have never liked the idea of discrimination, it’s a really ugly stuff and it has been in existence since the beginning of time. No race is superior; every race is unique in its own way. I wanted to paint an African and a Caucasian but decided to make the boy a little more of a mixed blood. Male and female innocent children looking at the beautiful ocean, with possibilities oozing in the atmosphere and a bit of mother nature’s very own avian creature (being a duck) about to take a swim.



Β I have always wanted to paint an animal but not in the traditional way (God knows how many lion paintings there is in Africa alone, talk less the world). I started by creating a dark and colourful background (Blue, Cadmium red, Titanium black and a little dark green). Then I drew the lion on the acrylic pad with a white charcoal pencil and painted it with bright colours for it to look warm and bright, sprinkled a little titanium white with a tooth-brush for a starry effect. Pretty cool yeah?