Been awhile since I practiced drawing a celebrity, I believe every artist has his or her own style and I’m definitely not the hyper realistic type. My niche has always been acrylic painting but doesn’t mean I don’t like to try all sorts of art.( Digital, etc.). Here’s to a multi talented artiste, Justin Bieber. As usual I shade with pencil grades B, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B. In that sequence, then blend with a tortillon wrapped with tissue paper.



Many call me talented, gifted and so on (very flattering till I see another artist’s work), which I do appreciate a lot. In my spare time, I do try to teach other aspiring artists but they get discouraged each time they hear of the time frame it takes to complete a standard artwork, talk less a masterpiece. (Not even days, months).

If not for some current setbacks (Team Nigeria with her ridiculously expensive data plan and epileptic power supply, I love my country though). I would have created my very own YouTube channel, where I’ll be posting my step by step tutorial videos. But it’ll happen someday, when it comes to the business of art, one can’t actually predict the season of the surge of customers, I got this job some days ago to make a family portrait,(the stress was well worth the pay, heehaw). Consisted of a straight (ahem) couple plus two beautiful daughters, took me a week to accomplish. The process was regular still. A3 format cartridge paper but I used white pelican paper for the couples, used a grid system with my trusty mechanical 2b lead pencil, and then combined 8b, 4b, 8h, hb, 2b and 4b pencils for the whole shading. Used a tissue paper for blending (never ever use your fingers). I plan on kick starting my painting career soon, the materials are off the roof expensive unless one wants to purchase mediocre student quality materials (yuck) and yes, I’m a huge fan of acrylics for two major reasons;
→Fast drying ability
→None toxic smell
When I get my money right, I’ll buy all the necessary materials and self-teach even if it takes a decade, I’ll eventually get there, life is a competition between just two people, you and yourself, stop getting depressed by what your friends are currently achieving or have achieved, as long as you got your hustle on and not idling with prayers, you’ll hit the jackpot someday. (Never said you shouldn’t pray though).  


Well.., hey art fans! Thanks a lot for the views, emails and comments. I loved reading every single word, this blog was never profit oriented, and I just want my art skills examined all over the world and to help budding artists, especially the self-taught ones. Reached the landmark a week ago, was pretty damn busy on executing my personal projects, this is one of my current works of Ozil, the Arsenal midfielder (I hope they defeat Swansea tonight though). I worked on a large white pelican paper with 8B, 2B, H, 6H pencils. I have not yet known how to use kneaded erasers yet, but it’s all good.

Happy Easter in advance!  


I so wish I had a lot to post right now, this is all I’ve got for now. Will have to work double time to keep up, it’s the yuletide season, merry Christmas and happy New Year in advance. I’m a die-hard fan of Arsenal football club and a true fan of the legend known as “Thierry Henry”. The Frenchman aided the team in the historical year of the 49 unbeaten runs in the English Premiership League. Used 8B pencil grade for shading, on an A3catridge paper. I’m usually criticized about my shadings being light, not my fault. I guess it’s my signature, most times I feel I’m defiling the face if I press harder with the soft pencil. Still waiting on my Faber-castell color pencils to arrive so I could start paining as soon as possible. (Don’t mind crayons for now though).