Been awhile since I practiced drawing a celebrity, I believe every artist has his or her own style and I’m definitely not the hyper realistic type. My niche has always been acrylic painting but doesn’t mean I don’t like to try all sorts of art.( Digital, etc.). Here’s to a multi talented artiste, Justin Bieber. As usual I shade with pencil grades B, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B. In that sequence, then blend with a tortillon wrapped with tissue paper.



To truly be great and awesome as a self-trained artist, I assess myself every month by setting an exam involving drawing from a reference photograph. Such a photograph must contain details of art that I haven’t yet encountered or that scares me. Photographs that would naturally make me say “Hell no! I can’t draw this without it looking wacky”. So, It was Halloween season and I saw this really nice picture, used 8b pencil grade on A3 paper.


I was inspired on my birthday by a microphone reference image I saw in a newspaper, decided to test my skills as I so much love challenges. Lo and Behold….! a 3D art emerged. drew this free-hand on an A4 sketch pad with charcoal pencils. (You could almost grab and sing eh?)


So after graduating from college, I just had to keep on practicing art even though the idea didn’t fair too greatly with my parents, (don’t want to make God angry by hiding your talent now, do you?) I was always a good cartoonist but evolving into human art wasn’t easy, portraits wasn’t easy, funny enough I never liked pencils, it showed flaws,  always preferred pens whereby you had to be perfect. But thanks to eBooks and videos, and of course almost daily practice coupled with support from friends and my lovely twin, I achieved my aim. This was my very first charcoal portrait, hadn’t even heard of kneaded eraser nor blending stump by that time. It’s always fun getting paid for what you love doing, it’s not called work but fun.