Okay! I’m so glad to announce that I have been chosen as an artist to feature in the art635 virtual gallery. It’s always been my dream to gain entry into any top art gallery, guess Christmas came early this year. You could check my profile out via the link below:




When it comes to life, don’t take anything too seriously, remember no one gets out alive. I saw an amazing digital art by @Pokagh on Instagram, decided to edit it in my own way. It simply illustrates the issues of multiple ladies ever requesting for free artworks. Annoying really, artists deserve to be paid decently for their endeavours not cajoled into doing free jobs.


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I decided to spice up my monochrome style of portrait art by colouring accessories and clothes of the reference images. Turned out that the clients loved it a lot. I used acrylic paint but based on the cost of acquiring the paint, I had to increase my fee. The unpainted image is a free portrait of my ex-manager at Ventura, Ibadan. I had placed my artworks there for a while before I took back custody due to certain issues with management. But no hard feelings, forging ahead and we are still best of friends.


Been awhile since I practiced drawing a celebrity, I believe every artist has his or her own style and I’m definitely not the hyper realistic type. My niche has always been acrylic painting but doesn’t mean I don’t like to try all sorts of art.( Digital, etc.). Here’s to a multi talented artiste, Justin Bieber. As usual I shade with pencil grades B, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B. In that sequence, then blend with a tortillon wrapped with tissue paper.



Been away a while now, apologies. Haven’t laid my hands on a pencil for quite a while until recently and I’m not a fan of posting content without relevant reasons. Of recently, after saving for months coupled with massive help from my dad, visited the kingdom of art being artworld, which is located in one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria, yes Ibadan! The store virtually has everything related to art (but for the love of God, I really don’t know why they don’t have any Prismacolor nor Faber-Castell colour pencils, huge sigh).
I know easels will and should be cheap in foreign countries but over here, good Lord, it’s quite expensive, so not ready to acquire such yet. Bought some paintbrushes, Beginner tube acrylics (Reeves), Palette, Palette knife and acrylic sketchpad. I tried searching for a paint tutor; their fees were outrageous, (for crying out loud, when it came to the art of drawing, I was self-taught).
Thanks to YouTube videos and eBooks, being studying and applying my knowledge almost daily, I still believe I’m one artwork from massive success, not of the academics stereotype like most people, school and education are not the same. Many are depressed studying or working whereby their hearts are somewhere else. This life is way too short to be mediocre and live the life of someone else, I refuse to be sad, and the key to happiness is in your hands. Art is my life. (Meanwhile you really have to check this link