Okay! I’m so glad to announce that I have been chosen as an artist to feature in the art635 virtual gallery. It’s always been my dream to gain entry into any top art gallery, guess Christmas came early this year. You could check my profile out via the link below:



After I restocked some art materials. I got an art commission to paint something inspirational. The client had a family that consisted of a girl and two boys, so I decided to paint a simple, beautiful and playful family silhouette. With the sad end of my white acrylic paint, I chose to paint something that didn’t require white paint, I came up with an image of a pregnant woman consisting of fragments assembling and simultaneously disintegrating based on individual perspective.


Been awhile since I practiced drawing a celebrity, I believe every artist has his or her own style and I’m definitely not the hyper realistic type. My niche has always been acrylic painting but doesn’t mean I don’t like to try all sorts of art.( Digital, etc.). Here’s to a multi talented artiste, Justin Bieber. As usual I shade with pencil grades B, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B. In that sequence, then blend with a tortillon wrapped with tissue paper.



Been away a while now, apologies. Haven’t laid my hands on a pencil for quite a while until recently and I’m not a fan of posting content without relevant reasons. Of recently, after saving for months coupled with massive help from my dad, visited the kingdom of art being artworld, which is located in one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria, yes Ibadan! The store virtually has everything related to art (but for the love of God, I really don’t know why they don’t have any Prismacolor nor Faber-Castell colour pencils, huge sigh).
I know easels will and should be cheap in foreign countries but over here, good Lord, it’s quite expensive, so not ready to acquire such yet. Bought some paintbrushes, Beginner tube acrylics (Reeves), Palette, Palette knife and acrylic sketchpad. I tried searching for a paint tutor; their fees were outrageous, (for crying out loud, when it came to the art of drawing, I was self-taught).
Thanks to YouTube videos and eBooks, being studying and applying my knowledge almost daily, I still believe I’m one artwork from massive success, not of the academics stereotype like most people, school and education are not the same. Many are depressed studying or working whereby their hearts are somewhere else. This life is way too short to be mediocre and live the life of someone else, I refuse to be sad, and the key to happiness is in your hands. Art is my life. (Meanwhile you really have to check this link


Apologies.., I so wish I could be posting and updating on a daily basis but nope…, I have other things doing (Like whooping my siblings on FIFA15, psst! I can’t afford the latest version yet).
My internet source provider which is mainly my phone has been quite faulty, still battling with it, sigh, oh well, it’s all good. Easter is almost here, the anticipation is in the air right? I’m not talking about the food, DC’s “Dawn of Justice” movie is coming out! Superman VS Batman (drools…).

Been a long time coming, I don’t care what age you are, this is a must see movie for all DC fans and Marvel fans alike. Advices though.., especially if you are in my country, DO NOT go to the cinemas during the Easter break, why? Apart from sold out ticket problems, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like a rowdy movie session, with cries of babies, kids and so much family groups. (Oh and couples making out at the back.., Ssh yes they do!), screams and the likes. Best to watch the movie later on, probably five days later after its release. With you and your babe or your guys and few other people, I so much treasure tranquility.

Now to the basis of the post, I’ve always been inspired by talented young people, so many artistes that fit into that thought, Justin Bieber and the likes, but I wanted an indigenous person, so recently on the radio, I listened to a beautiful song, I loved it so much that I had to download it halfway through the song without even knowing the artiste that owned it. I remembered the chorus quite well and “Mr. Romantic” popped up in my Google search, made by Korede Bello featuring Tiwa Savage. It was at that moment that I knew he was going to be my next art victim (Joker’s sinister laugh).

I started with a grid system as usual with a mechanical pencil (B lead), traced the outline with the same pencil, started drawing the left eye then the right eye, nose and finally the mouth. Lightly shaded the whole face with 2H pencil,