About Kenny


Kenny was brought up in the capital of Ogun state, Abeokuta, Nigeria. Spending his teen years there too. He discovered the ability to draw at the age of 10. Although he had been drawing since he was little, the ability was kept at a minimum and only showed up as childish art.

Kenny was an avid cartoon lover at a young age and was easily bored with anything academic. He got bored too easily and always tried to recreate funny and epic cartoon or comic scenes on his exercise books. His first sketches were laughable but it wasn’t long before he realized he could draw his most loved cartoon characters,namely Batman and Spider-man. (He also drew and sold his very own comic books in school).

Kenny was not opportuned to study art but due to his drive and passion,he trained hard and learned from books and YouTube videos. He started practice with a pen till he was perfect but after some time,he switched to pencils and conquered his fear of making human portraits.It wasn’t long before his skills with a pencil sharpened and got professional with it.

In the year 2014, Kenny started making profits through portrait commissions. He got bored with drawing and moved to his new love called painting after being greatly inspired by famous painters like Leonardo Da Vinci and Vincent van Gogh.

Currently,Kenny has ended his NYSC youth service and is an art entrepreneur.He still occasionally finds time for some drawing on the side as a hobby.