After a while of self-teaching I actually summoned the bravery to make my very first original painting, always did had the concept way before I ever bought any acrylic paint material. For me, I really do not know what people’s excuse are not to follow their dreams head on, no matter what you do (eat healthy, be nice, avoid cigarettes and drugs) death is still quite inevitable. I read this awesome book authored by Tim Ferriss, fore titled “Tools of a Titan”. It taught me to care less about whatever is holding me back, to be on the offensive with my goals, dreams only become goals when you foresee a system that can actually make it into reality. If not, they are only dreams.  Where’s the fun in not taking risk only to arrive safely at death. I don’t want to go down that route (oh by the way, for you stingy, cruel rich people, the painting also depicts that no matter how wealthy you become, you still going to die). Cheer up, there is heaven.


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