Hey guys! I should’ve posted earlier, so sorry. Ditched anything relating to drawing for the mean time except when it comes to attending to commission from clients. All I’ve ever wanted to do was paint, (do check, best art auction house ever) saved up some money and will soon have all the necessary painting materials. Made the digital illustration by making my very own stylus pen (YouTube is so much fun) and worked on a Touchscreen Dell laptop, was hoping to buy Manga Studio EX5 but it’s quite so expensive when the Dollars are converted to my darling weakling Naira. Oh! Lest I forget, Kenny is just about starting his Master’s programme, haven’t decided which University I want to choose yet but it’s all good. (Hopefully abroad! heehaw) and to my entire fellow Game of Thrones fan, I say unto you “Hodor! Hodor!”(What an emotional scene #Episode5 ending).

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