First of all, if you haven’t seen the movie “Deadpool” Big Sigh, but anyways apologies, to say my internet source provider haven’t frustrated the chakra out of me, I would be lying through my nose. Anywhere you are that isn’t Nigeria, (heck! Africa, unless it’s South Africa, Egypt and the likes) getting fast, stable, reliable internet is no easy task unless you spend a whooping sum. Commissions after commissions almost like a roller-coaster, finally I got to frame one of my personal favourite works and was able to practice on improving my art, currently working on drawing Arsenal’s star attacking midfielder Mesut Ozil (Gonna be so cool!). I’m never in a dilemma when it comes to saving my works or selling them, hey! I can always reproduce them even in a better version.
I have so many projects lined up this year, I hope I can meet up with my expectations but ultimately I hope to acquire my very first Faber Castell classic colour pencils but damn! The Dollar exchange rate to the Naira can make a grown man cry. I hope it falls (if it doesn’t Nigerians will only wail for a while, we all know they are the most adaptable creatures on the planet).  


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