I just can’t stress enough on the unending benefits of online shopping, coming from a country like mine where quality clothes are quite expensive, some affordable. (I don’t really need to look good though but hey! It’s in my DNA and I idolize ‘Chuck Bass”). I’m not going to name names of the online shopping companies in Nigeria, they are doing a fantastic job mind you, but it’s just so annoying that the average Nigerian cannot afford to look as good as he or she wants to be without spending a fortune. Most of the items on such sites are ridiculously expensive. Not to mention of the shipping fees, they do deliver on time anyways but I do not know about their refund policies. They also possess limited items, how? Alright, I’ll explain. Let’s say one wanted to purchase a specific shirt in a specific colour, it’s possible to encounter such a shirt but your preferred colour may not be available.

Around two years ago…, I happened to come across the Alibaba site by mistake, I loved IPods and my battery dialed down in energy, to find a replacement was going to be like finding the Holy Grail. Then, in my college, a roommate of mine approached me and introduced me to the aliexpress site. It was too good to be true, the numbers and varieties of quality items, clothes, accessories, electronics, art materials and so much more, you can acquire almost anything (except video game discs and few other things). A month later, I acquired the iPod battery; the sweetest part of the deal was that 90% of everything came at a really affordable price with moderate shipping fee or free shipping. And this was an international site for that matter, why in the world can’t our online sites make theirs free? That I can’t say but is understandable due to bad roads and poor transportation networks and what not.

Ever since I started shopping on the site, my life has never been the same. Acquired rare quality clothes, I was the envy of many people, even some people in my circle thought I was into some shady lucrative business (hahahahahahaaaaa! yeah right).

To clear your mind of all fears of losing your money, Aliexpress site has a refund policy if you don’t acquire your stated item within its purchase protection range, but you have to open a dispute before it runs out. You can also trace your purchased item and chat with your seller anytime, any day. Also, watch out for the daily deals and flash sales, they are to die for. So ridiculously cheap that they ought to be sued much unlike the online shopping sites over here, even on sales day like Black Friday, their prices are still quite Ludacris. Hop on the Aliexpress bandwagon and start shopping like never before, you won’t regret this trust me.

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