IT’S 2016!!!!

Congratulations to everyone that made it to the New Year, wish you all the best, better health, greater wealth. Even during the holidays, when I thought I had escaped from art for a while, it still found me. (sighs). Still had commissions coming in, haven’t been able to embark on any personal project yet. After, the Monalisa artwork I made (all hail Leonardo Da Vinci!). My dad demanded I make another version, damn! So tiring, I should be done before February hopefully. I can’t wait to see how it is going to turn out due to my recent improvement. I used charcoal pencils all the way, but at first, made outlines and grid using a mechanical pencil with 2B lead. I really wish I start my painting training this year; prismacolour pencils are like Holy Grail in this part of the world, to order online costs a fortune. And Staedler colour pencils are good but of inferior quality to prismacolour or Faber-castell colour pencils. Anyways, I hope we all achieve our dreams this year in good health and not disappoint our benefactors.


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