Merry Christmas good people!!! Had a lot of fun yesterday, had no time to update, do forgive me. Now, if you’re a gamer like me and also a lover of sports. Then, I’m pretty sure that the FIFA game franchise must be something you look forward to every year.
The Xbox live pad can be annoyingly expensive, especially in this side of the world, it’s affordable but it will ruin your economy for a long time, (trust me except you rich though).
For anyone accustomed to the FIFA gaming, it’s inevitable to notice the invaluable use of the right analog stick. It’s the control for all dribbling, menu access, goalkeeper control and other things.
Applications like xbox360 and xpadder won’t solve this issue properly, so I came across a super sure hack for the average cheap pc gamer pads. Follow the instructions without twitching. (This is FIFA15 module, but it’ll work for all FIFA games). Couldn’t get a smaller clearer image, had to enlarge.

1-      Open your FIFA folder file containing the game files and go to ‘buttondata.ini’

2. This is how it shows up when it opens, ‘notepad mode’
3. Go to ‘Edit’ on the menu taskbar and click on ‘Find’, and input ‘generic’
4. Select and copy all texts starting with ’Addmap’ till you reach the next ‘Addcontroller’ type
5. Once again, go to ‘Edit’on the menu taskbar and click on ‘Find’, and input ‘default’ and
click on find next

6. When it takes you to the location, select and delete all texts starting from ‘Add map’ till you reach the next AddController.
It should look like this after pasting the ‘generic’ texts below add Alias. (Hey! There are other Addmaps below) Remember to save!
Enjoy your generic usb pad with fully effective right analog stick.

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