(Don’t be that guy or girl portrayed in the picture)I’m an open minded person and I only deal with open minded folks. Introvert or extrovert? Ambiverts are the best in my view. Whatever age you may be, what would you do differently if you met a clairvoyant and your future was made known and you knew the particular day, week, month hour, minute and seconds you had left, would you not live your life differently?

Why being mediocre then? That girl (or boy or whatever people transform themselves to these days) that you love, go to her, let her know your feelings (damn rejection, although being friend-zoned hurts like hell, #chuckles). That trip that you could afford but couldn’t make time for, make it (I would so love to visit to France though). A lot of hidden desires live in men and women alike, what is stopping you is you. Hard to believe but the greatest critic is you. No matter how good any of my drawing is, stare at it and still say something like this “Naaaa.., Kenny. You wack, you wack”. I can’t stop my mind from criticizing but I can choose not to listen to my mind, follow my heart and strive to improve to perfection.

Schools are great, awesome even but school doesn’t have the ability to make you great, that totally depends on your education, and I’m not talking about school, confused? I can’t count how many human beings I have interacted with who had super high grades in school (4.9 CgpA, great Scots!) and still couldn’t hold one minute of a proper mentally stimulating conversation.(ever noticed the common traits of wealthy people being that they were not so great in school?)
Is the school to be blamed? I doubt that. Don’t be stuck in that category. Read novels, play video games, interact with new people, visit places, play sports and when you finally have kids or grandkids and they ask you how school was during your days, will your answer be in the form of….”ah, school, I read, studied hard and graduated”. Or “school was massive fun, I was captain of the basketball team, partied hard, played top video games, and went on excursions and so on”. I think its crystal clear the answer many would like to give.

Life is just way too short not to take risks (hey! Didn’t tell you to try talking to a tiger, Dr. Doolittle was just a movie). Take control of your life, stay away from negativity and act like the grim reaper may harvest your soul at any moment. I’m certain you would not only achieve your dreams but would never aim for anything below your worth.  

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