I swear it’s been really tough keeping up with updates. I so wish I could be updating daily, but hey I’m not a machine, and this is not a blog about write-ups. What I have been up to these days? Drawing, drawing and more drawing. Got another Mona Lisa commission, so that’s going to be my next project. Enough of the dilly dally; let’s get to the point here. To make great achievement as an artist, one can never avoid or shy away from being alone, quite different from being lonely. Loneliness may be the curse of an artist, not necessarily artists that paint or draw, but artists involved with the use of words.

Personally, girlfriend or not, if I have to be in touch with my inner creativity, I have to be totally alone, undisturbed and uninterrupted. This is tough for loved ones to understand but if they really love you, they will understand who you are. A true masterpiece doesn’t take hours or minutes, virtually days, months or a year. Time is an extremely valuable resource to any artist; I rarely get bored due to the endless possibilities that can be created when I stare at an empty white page of my sketchbook.

If you can’t enjoy your own company, you will be forever lonely. 

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