(My Love for white charcoal though.., more white on black artworks to come by) hey! It’s never too late to chase that dream, in your 40s or 60s? As long as you’re breathing, never give up, be the best version of yourself. Most people engage in boring jobs for a while, save up, and then follow their dreams. The richest people in the world, acquired wealth by doing what they love (forget inheritance). I haven’t been able to pick an art niche, I just excel in anything art, but ultimately, I would love to be a painter and have my artworks sold in top galleries. If you don’t know what your talent is yet, find out what you love doing so much that you don’t even bother checking your watch, even if its movie watching. Hey! Being a movie-critic is a job, there’s no talent in this world that can’t bring fortune, and all that matters is your perception and belief. Speak positively to yourself, dream big, and listen not to negative people. It’s all going to be okay, okay.

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