Okay! Its high time people agree generally that art can really be a lucrative venture; it’s so tough growing up as a self-taught artist, studying God knows what in college or University just to please parents. Life boils down to two major things, making yourself happy OR making your parents happy. I think the former conquers all, real depression is getting a boring 8 am to 5 pm job, whereby there’s neither flexibility nor creativity, totally non-dynamic. We all want to have a job doing what we love right? Right! But life has different plans for all of us. Parents can’t really be blamed sometimes for discouraging wards from pursuing art in the major form, due to its selective sets of patronizers and audience. In a developing country, whereby the average person majorly ponders on how to feed himself or his family, this has a negative effect on art promotion. The way such a person would value art would be quite pathetic, also due to lack of proper education, many under-value art. “It’s just pencil on paper, why the hell would I pay such an amount?” This really annoys me, or the fact that many people in your circle want free artwork, artists have bills to pay too just like any average homo-sapiens.

In the end, following your dreams is the ultimate goal, take that leap of faith. What is the point of living a dulling and risk free life just to arrive safely at death? Talents are in-built; I never asked to be an artist, just happened to be in my DNA. Go to school, learn, and gain knowledge but ultimately? Do what makes you happy. Many artists are making it and being really successful, who says it can’t be you?…….

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