Let’s not bore you with details of the work hours involved in this; I decided to switch up my style a bit. Sadly, I couldn’t get the name of the artist who made the original. Used a white charcoal pencil on black paper, made use of a grid system with a pencil, quite tedious work as the paper is already black, but I persevered.


(Sighs) It’s incredibly tough, stressful and tiring to keep up a blog. Can’t say I’m totally new to this, started this and I will see it through. (Winks). Not been working my own artworks recently, been busy with training how to make my art more realistic (isn’t that what we are all about?) Life is not so easy for any self-trained artist, there’s always that inner darkness of fear whispering to your ears every other day…, “You will never improve”. This occurs most especially after sighting the works of other artists, don’t ever compare yourself or work with any artist, (re-phrase that…, ANYONE!).  (Frustration is an unavoidable ally for greatness and success, embrace it). You can always let other artists inspire you.

Daily practice helps a lot, you will get there. Do I feel like I will never improve and will be stuck in a level forever? Yes. But that won’t stop me from drawing daily. When you compare your recent artworks to those done in previous months or years, I’m pretty sure there should be an immense improvement even if you don’t notice it. The irony is that self-trained artists are the biggest critics of themselves. My works get admired a lot and people wonder why I’m so obsessed with improving, to them I’ve attained my peak. Only artists can see mistakes of another artist, the really funny thing is that there is no such thing as a master-piece. The creator of such an artwork can never be truly satisfied, may see a section that needs improvement, more painting, a little blending or shading, but that’s the fun of it. As an artist there’s no peak and no limit to what you can achieve. Even septuagenarian artists are learning and still developing new skills and also remember that the greatest of the greats where once at your level, cheer up!