I never ever thought the day would come whereby I would have to make a replica of a great artist’s artwork, not to mention the all-time greatest painting made by Leonardo Da Vinci. I was working in my art studio and then I overheard my step-grandma reminiscing her visit to France, Louvre museum to be exact. How she wished she could purchase the painting (like hell would that ever happen). So, I thought about making her a replica, monochrome form of course (it’s still killing me that I haven’t learnt painting yet). I got to work, took me a month due to my very busy schedule of teaching and working for my NYSC state magazine group, Ibadan, Nigeria. Used a combo of pencils and charcoal pencils, eventually I finished. Then my granddad saw how good it was and claimed it for himself (The Joker’s chuckle). Now I have to make another one, (sigh).


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