I was inspired on my birthday by a microphone reference image I saw in a newspaper, decided to test my skills as I so much love challenges. Lo and Behold….! a 3D art emerged. drew this free-hand on an A4 sketch pad with charcoal pencils. (You could almost grab and sing eh?)


I so much hate it when I hear people’s perception about cartoons, animations or animes being just for kids. These are what inspired and still inspires me to be awesome and great in so many ways. Always been a die-hard fan of Naruto Shippuden show. Haven’t watched it in a while now, busy busy busy. (would whoop you on the game though). Got this from a reference photo. made it with a free-hand sketch on my A4 pad.


For the first time ever, I’m so glad about who became the current president of my country. Finally, light at the end of the tunnel, after a 16 year rule of the β€œyou know who” party. Things have never looked so good; the election went smoothly and transparently. Felt like I owed the great retired military strategist a portrait. (If only he could see this). Used a 4b pencil on an A3 paper, took about two weeks.